2010-11-15 Guillaume Cottenceaureplace ajax downloadurl disallowed on IE (not same...
2010-11-15 Guillaume Cottenceauproper sizing of mainbox on IE
2010-11-15 Guillaume Cottenceaufade savediv as well
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaufoo
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceauallow to not fit to elements
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaulink for update
2010-11-08 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceauhandle geolocation failure
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaufoo
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceauproperly reload routes when moving home
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaudisplay icon in list of routes
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaudo not re-request already shown routes
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate distance and time when user forces a different...
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceaulicensing
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceaufix broken infowindow
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceaumarkup fixes
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceaufade, fix url ending with #
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceauneed to encode/decode URI
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceauallow saving state
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceauallow to specify travel mode
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauslight rewording
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauallow to remove addresses
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauiterate
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauiterate
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauslight improvements
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauuse current home for bounds, not original home
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauit works
2010-11-05 Guillaume Cottenceaufirst step