2011-03-11 Guillaume Cottenceaucredit silk (famfamfam) master
2011-03-11 Guillaume Cottenceaubetter read and respect of google maps terms of use
2011-01-08 Guillaume Cottenceauonchange= event on checkbox input is not fired on IE...
2011-01-08 Guillaume Cottenceaui = 0 without var has different (read global) behaviour...
2011-01-08 Guillaume Cottenceaudo not add more than 9 places we do not have icons...
2011-01-08 Guillaume Cottenceaumake usecases work on IE (IE doesn't do position:fixed...
2011-01-03 Guillaume Cottenceauwindows doesn't know '
2010-12-31 Guillaume Cottenceauadd undo feature
2010-12-31 Guillaume Cottenceauusing center+zoom instead of bounds gives a correct...
2010-12-31 Guillaume Cottenceaudo not geolocate if it is not needed
2010-12-30 Guillaume Cottenceaualso save bounds, travel mode, and fit mode
2010-12-30 Guillaume Cottenceauif completely fails in geolocating IP ...
2010-12-12 Guillaume Cottenceaufinish i18n for french
2010-12-09 Guillaume Cottenceaui18n
2010-12-01 Guillaume Cottenceaumake sort of %02d for minutes when hours > 0
2010-12-01 Guillaume Cottenceaucountries.js no more for real
2010-12-01 Guillaume Cottenceaumake links open in another window/tab
2010-12-01 Guillaume Cottenceauapache 2.0 license and links to google maps, scriptacul...
2010-11-28 Guillaume Cottenceauuse cases
2010-11-28 Guillaume Cottenceaunullify info_window on closing
2010-11-28 Guillaume Cottenceauautomatically remove newbie message on first address...
2010-11-26 Guillaume Cottenceauicons is not good, it is a default directory for apache
2010-11-15 Guillaume Cottenceaureplace ajax downloadurl disallowed on IE (not same...
2010-11-15 Guillaume Cottenceauproper sizing of mainbox on IE
2010-11-15 Guillaume Cottenceaufade savediv as well
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaufoo
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceauallow to not fit to elements
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaulink for update
2010-11-08 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceauhandle geolocation failure
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaufoo
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceauproperly reload routes when moving home
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaudisplay icon in list of routes
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceaudo not re-request already shown routes
2010-11-08 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate distance and time when user forces a different...
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceaulicensing
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceaufix broken infowindow
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceaumarkup fixes
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceaufade, fix url ending with #
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceauneed to encode/decode URI
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceauallow saving state
2010-11-07 Guillaume Cottenceauallow to specify travel mode
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauslight rewording
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauallow to remove addresses
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauiterate
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauiterate
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauslight improvements
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauuse current home for bounds, not original home
2010-11-06 Guillaume Cottenceauit works
2010-11-05 Guillaume Cottenceaufirst step