2010-06-07 Guillaume Cottenceau2.0.3 master
2010-05-31 Guillaume Cottenceaumo should not be in VC
2010-05-31 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate to latest
2010-05-17 Guillaume Cottenceauproperly specify charset
2010-04-06 Guillaume Cottenceauadd the recording feature
2010-03-21 Guillaume Cottenceauproperly compute cells dimensions in floating point
2010-03-21 Guillaume Cottenceaukeep cells visible even if network is large - cells...
2010-03-21 Guillaume Cottenceaufix improper directory setting for file selection opening
2010-03-21 Guillaume Cottenceauignore build files
2010-03-21 Guillaume Cottenceauinitial from 2.0.2 with autoreconf