2009-03-26 Guillaume Cottenceausupport gimp 2.6 doesn't have gimp-remote anymore,...
2009-02-24 Guillaume Cottenceau0.9.2
2009-02-24 Guillaume Cottenceauremove ChangeLog file, made of git-log only, isn't...
2009-02-23 Guillaume Cottenceaubooh-classifier: handle home/end keys to navigate full...
2009-02-14 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-02-14 Guillaume Cottenceaudo not grab focus if other widgets are provided, since...
2009-02-11 Guillaume CottenceauCVS is history
2009-02-11 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate by Roland Eckert
2009-01-31 Guillaume Cottenceaugrab focus of popup so as to make keyboard flow easier
2009-01-14 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate french translation
2009-01-14 Guillaume Cottenceaupo merge for upcoming 0.9.2
2009-01-03 Guillaume Cottenceaufix default size problem when only x-large is used
2009-01-03 Guillaume Cottenceau2009
2009-01-02 Guillaume Cottenceaubooh: dont abort on multiple selection containing an...
2009-01-02 Guillaume Cottenceauprovide preview data of albums
2009-01-02 Guillaume Cottenceaufix aborts introduced by 67d97f9f54921affa84108311b4b1c...
2009-01-02 Guillaume Cottenceaufile selector for image of subalbums: provide a preview...
2008-12-31 Guillaume Cottenceauallow to extend an album
2008-12-26 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate
2008-12-25 Guillaume Cottenceauincrease a lot merging performance by workarounding...
2008-12-24 Guillaume Cottenceauremove long startup when merging, due to rexml poor...
2008-12-24 Guillaume Cottenceaubooh: slightly more debugging in verbose mode
2008-12-21 Guillaume Cottenceau*** empty log message ***
2008-12-16 Guillaume Cottenceaubetter synchronization and threads use
2008-12-14 Guillaume Cottenceauconfig may be a local thing..
2008-12-14 Guillaume Cottenceaubooh: some more synchronization needed (synchronizing...
2008-12-14 Guillaume Cottenceaubooh-classifier: properly not quit when toplevel window...
2008-12-14 Guillaume Cottenceaubooh-classifier: check permissions for removal and...
2008-12-07 Guillaume Cottenceauwhen user doesn't have permissions to modify stuff...
2008-11-23 Guillaume Cottenceauone more todo
2008-10-23 Guillaume Cottenceauprotect against 0.18.0 as well
2008-10-20 Guillaume Cottenceaudocument rg2 version problems
2008-10-20 Guillaume Cottenceau0.17.0 leaks a lot, avoid it
2008-10-01 Guillaume Cottenceaucache memory used, in MB in interface, in KB in config...
2008-09-28 Guillaume Cottenceauformattage -> formatage fix thanks ann
2008-08-11 Guillaume Cottenceausome slight man updates
2008-08-11 Guillaume Cottenceaudon't abort when trying to change orientation of thumbn...
2008-07-12 Guillaume Cottenceaushow aspect in fullscreen view - in order to more easil...
2008-07-11 Guillaume Cottenceaumove check for gimp and firefox to when needed, to...
2008-07-11 Guillaume Cottenceauallow local themes in ~/.booh-themes
2008-07-10 Guillaume Cottenceauuse + to allow .htaccess in upper directories to also...
2008-07-03 Guillaume Cottenceausafeguard against known bugged versions
2008-07-02 Guillaume CottenceauXML document object can be accessed directly by $xmldoc...
2008-07-02 Guillaume Cottenceauhide a little more the wrap machinery
2008-06-29 Guillaume Cottenceaufix abort after executing
2008-06-22 Guillaume Cottenceau"support building your .so in other (not source) direct...
2008-06-20 Guillaume Cottenceaubooh-classifier: properly change border color of last...
2008-06-20 Guillaume Cottenceauprevent from booh-classifier aborting when applying...
2008-06-20 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate ChangeLog to latest content 0.9.1
2008-06-20 Guillaume Cottenceauprepare for 0.9.1
2008-06-14 Guillaume Cottenceauwoops
2008-06-13 Guillaume Cottenceaufix problem third problem reported at https://zarb...
2008-06-13 Guillaume Cottenceaufix "original size" broken while generating web-album...
2008-06-13 Guillaume Cottenceauadd --version to booh and booh-classifier
2008-06-13 Guillaume Cottenceaumake all binaries executable
2008-06-09 Guillaume Cottenceautempfile behaviour changed in ruby 1.8.7 :/
2008-06-08 Guillaume Cottenceauno need to exclude CVS anymore
2008-05-31 gcrescue more exceptions without aborting, try to free...
2008-05-31 gcdon't badly abort on unreadable files
2008-05-31 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-31 gcadd a rexml encoding fallback
2008-05-31 gcopen file later to remove risk of emptying config file
2008-05-31 gcuse mplayer -slave to allow backgrounded booh to work...
2008-05-29 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-29 gcless exceptions printed on stdout
2008-05-28 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-25 gcavoid race conditions 0.9.0
2008-05-25 gcsync
2008-05-25 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-25 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-25 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-25 gcupdate
2008-05-24 gcoops
2008-05-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-22 gcIE fixes
2008-05-22 gcdidn't work properly on IE and FF3
2008-05-22 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-21 gcupdate
2008-05-20 gcallow to homegeinize the widths in rows
2008-05-20 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-20 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-20 gcnearly final coni theme
2008-05-20 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-19 gclatest
2008-05-19 gcprevent focus to stay on disabled buttons - then keyboa...
2008-05-19 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-18 gcupdate by roland eckert
2008-05-17 gcneed to remove the urgency_hint :/
2008-05-17 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-17 gcset urgency hint, to draw user's attention after using...
2008-05-17 gcsoon 0.9.0
2008-05-05 gcdon't ask for actions for 'empty' labels
2008-04-29 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-04-29 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-04-28 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-04-28 gcupdate/sync
2008-04-28 gcbetter 4/3 <-> 3/2 description