2005-11-18 gcrolands update
2005-11-17 gcdont cut at the 18th character a string, if its utf8...
2005-11-15 gcfix multiple calls
2005-11-14 gcmasao
2005-11-12 gcdisplay die message in gui, remove backticks in message...
2005-11-12 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-11-12 gcfix make_dest_filename to really not end up with simila...
2005-11-11 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-11-07 gchardlink videos as well
2005-11-06 gcsync
2005-11-06 gctransitional xhtml compliant
2005-11-05 gcremove removed subdirectories from config on --merge...
2005-11-05 gcadd ability to view exif data
2005-11-05 gctry to use hard links when creating an album including...
2005-11-05 gcsync
2005-11-05 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-11-05 gcadd possibility to display "made with" markup at the...
2005-11-03 gcgraphically show password protection
2005-10-27 gcpre 0.8.4
2005-10-27 gcadd password protection feature
2005-10-25 gcsupport panoramas
2005-09-27 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-09-27 gc0.8.3
2005-09-27 gcadd icons
2005-09-27 gcremove unneeded part in license
2005-09-25 gcwhen creating a new subalbum, need to remove the alread...
2005-09-24 gcsync
2005-09-24 gcfix default browser which should be a firefox that...
2005-09-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-09-20 gcroland eckert on german
2005-09-20 gcroland eckert
2005-09-20 gcmasao
2005-09-20 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-09-18 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-09-18 gcsync i18n
2005-09-18 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-09-18 gcadd "merge new subalbums" long needed
2005-09-18 gcadd "merge new subalbums" long needed
2005-09-18 gcsync
2005-09-18 gcnew 0.8.3
2005-09-18 gcto honour slideshow pause when entering directly in...
2005-09-18 gcallow to view the webalbum from the menu as well
2005-09-18 gcremove some warnings in ruby -v
2005-09-18 gcremove a warning in ruby -v ($xmldir not defined)
2005-09-18 gc[mathieu blondel feat] add a clickable URL to view...
2005-09-18 gcuse standard AboutDialog
2005-09-18 gc[guillomovitch feat] have "view" of images/videos avail...
2005-09-18 gcuse identify to discover EXIF orientation rather than...
2005-09-18 gcsupport no identify and no transcode/mencoder
2005-09-18 gccheck config at bootup; checked for the video viewer...
2005-09-18 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-09-18 gc[guillomovitch feat] allow that deletion also deletes...
2005-09-18 gcsupplying an existing directory to --config-file is...
2005-09-11 gcuse stock "save" for save actions
2005-08-19 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-08-19 gcfix my xpath to make it work with ruby 1.8.3
2005-08-17 gcfix invasive autoscroll when clicking in menu
2005-08-14 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-08-14 gcfix bug "return to thumbmail image" broken in x-large
2005-08-14 gcfix bug of aborting when creating a web-album at first...
2005-08-14 gcfix bug of erasing the temp .avi file created by mencod...
2005-08-10 gcallow 5 images per row in default theme as well
2005-08-10 gcdon't shadow a closure making shift-arrows abort after...
2005-08-10 gcseems that mencoder will sometimes fail when transcodin...
2005-08-02 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-08-02 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-08-02 gcimprove INSTALL doc
2005-08-01 gcadd bash completion thx guillomovitch
2005-08-01 gcrecompute the memoization between the 2 passes because...
2005-08-01 gcdon't incidentally remove thumbnails images in gen_conf...
2005-08-01 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-07-31 gcdont wrongly tell that the destination directory alread...
2005-07-31 gcdont forget to mark the album modified after a subalbum...
2005-07-31 gcfix xlarge broken again :/
2005-07-31 gcdont save the preferred size in the images page
2005-07-31 gcdont abort when reordering subalbums when there is...
2005-07-31 gcfix double utf8 encoding in name of directory containin...
2005-07-30 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-07-30 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-07-30 gcadd logo in about
2005-07-30 gcsync
2005-07-30 gcfucking cvs
2005-07-30 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-07-30 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-07-30 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-07-30 gcadd "dark" theme, work on themes
2005-07-30 gcadd "dark" theme, work on themes
2005-07-30 gcmark older documents as dirty when version is increased
2005-07-29 gcuse -follow when invoking find
2005-07-29 gcsmall fixes related to file saves, filenames when invok...
2005-07-29 gcallow to change the number of thumbnails per row
2005-07-28 gcadd ability to choose to optimize for 3/2 aspect ratio
2005-07-18 gc"konqueror's javascript support sucks a great deal...
2005-07-18 gckonqueror has stupid tables drawing, need to use a...
2005-07-18 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-07-18 gcprovide a class for images, use a thin black border
2005-07-14 gcmultiple elements selection and autoscroll in there...
2005-07-14 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-07-07 gcfix bug of wrong image when cancelling white balance...
2005-07-04 gcvarious fixes