2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceauregen demos with clean 0.9.4
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceaufix
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceausome 0.9.4 work on website
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceauthemes demos with 0.9.4
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceaubump copyright to 2013
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceaumake "gradient" the default theme
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceaumake only one size selected by default
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceaumake "gradient" the default theme
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceau0.9.4
2013-11-02 Guillaume CottenceauREADME redirects to website
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate to flowplayer 3.2.16
2013-08-01 Guillaume Cottenceaufix starting broken when multiple cpus and no existing...
2013-07-08 Guillaume Cottenceaudrop support for 800x600 screens and add support for...
2012-09-15 Guillaume Cottenceauthis is not perl!
2012-08-30 Guillaume Cottenceauslight simplification
2012-08-30 Guillaume Cottenceaudo not include www in tarball!
2012-08-25 Guillaume Cottenceaufix small stupid bug
2012-08-01 Guillaume Cottenceauprevent from "regular expression too big" in gettext...
2012-05-29 Guillaume Cottenceauslightly reworked lftp connect error message
2012-05-20 Guillaume Cottenceaumake all web pages smartphone compatible
2012-05-19 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-05-19 Guillaume Cottenceauin case suddenly more CPUs are available, talk about...
2012-03-12 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-03-12 Benoit DienPage speed: Include the CSS before any javascript to...
2012-03-12 Benoit DienEnable Apache caching (30min)
2012-03-12 Benoit DienPage speed: specify image size
2012-03-12 Benoit DienOptimize PNG files
2012-03-05 Guillaume Cottenceaupreliminary work on making it somehow correct on handsets
2012-02-27 Guillaume Cottenceausave website
2012-02-18 Guillaume Cottenceaualso rescue Gtk::InitError for booh-backend
2011-08-04 Benoit DienTweak shadows CSS More subtle shadows (Thanks Amaury...
2011-08-03 Benoit DienDim the shadow (Change transparency)
2011-08-03 Benoit DienAdd the image size to keep formatting even when the...
2011-08-03 Benoit DienRemember the image sizes in the javascript Rename the...
2011-07-29 Guillaume Cottenceausupport mageia-style gettext package (rubygems)
2011-07-26 Guillaume Cottenceauseems that filename from filechooser may be null (nil)
2011-07-17 Guillaume Cottenceaumake it instead of 0.9.4b1 so that we can...
2011-07-17 Guillaume Cottenceau0.9.4b1
2011-07-17 Guillaume Cottenceaubump to 2011, french i18n sync
2011-07-17 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate to flowplayer 3.2.7
2011-07-17 Guillaume Cottenceauadd new potential TODO: booh-classifier, allow to overw...
2011-02-08 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-02-08 Guillaume Cottenceausupport widescreen 1680x1050
2011-01-05 Guillaume Cottenceaubooh-classifier: on failure to cp/mv, propose to contin...
2011-01-04 Guillaume CottenceauFile.stat().writable? yields false on sshfs writable...
2011-01-04 Guillaume Cottenceauimprove error reporting on booh-backend unexpected...
2011-01-04 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-01-04 Guillaume Cottenceauproperly ; terminate some JS
2010-12-31 Guillaume Cottenceaufix crash on some strange data from Pentax device,...
2010-12-04 Guillaume, not
2010-12-04 Guillaume, not
2010-12-04 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate POs (only line numbers, it seems)
2010-12-04 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate flowplayer to 3.2.5
2010-11-08 Benoît DienAdd a small padding on the index page
2010-11-08 Benoît DienSlightly decrease title text size Disabled buttons...
2010-11-08 Benoît DienWhen hovering on an image, lighten the shadow
2010-11-08 Benoît DienRecenter title text (Was broken with allthis button)
2010-11-05 Guillaume Cottenceaufix f5171503e69e89d2693f0ba9c467697e54ce13ac: properly...
2010-11-04 Guillaume Cottenceauavoid crashing on undetected video thumbnail size ...
2010-11-04 Benoît DienAdd transition for CSS3 browsers and firefox 4
2010-11-04 Benoît DienAdd CSS transition on images (only for webkit for now)
2010-11-04 Benoît DienBring back the addthis button Underline the alternative...
2010-11-04 Benoît DienChange text aspect on image
2010-11-04 Benoît DienGroup shadows with CSS group
2010-11-04 Benoît DienChange CSS of video thumbnails and fullscreen
2010-11-04 Benoît DienAdd PNG for play on videos
2010-11-03 Guillaume Cottenceauhandle non existent $indexlink
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceaufix 27b5d1952926a7bf7cd1f1d35305c7dde1c4a195 "Thread...
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceaunavigationtable needs to be generated in reverse order...
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceaufix grouping inside parens for navigationtable, else...
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceaunavigation table inside <p> makes it appear little...
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceauhide new ~~navigationtable~~ when there is no navigation
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceauadd gradient theme from benny
2010-10-16 Guillaume Cottenceauunroll gdk_pixbuf_get_width and gdk_pixbuf_get_height...
2010-10-05 Guillaume Cottenceaudocument.body.offsetWidth is not yet defined when still...
2010-10-05 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-05 Guillaume Cottenceauput script and meta refresh in <head> in preferred...
2010-09-10 Guillaume Cottenceaumake it more clear than clicking on bottom button does...
2010-09-06 Guillaume Cottenceaucouple more fixes for ruby 1.9
2010-09-06 Guillaume Cottenceaufix translation ending with \n whereas original did not
2010-09-05 Guillaume Cottenceauruby 1.9 array stringification has changed, I need...
2010-09-05 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-09-05 Guillaume Cottenceaufix translation ending with \n whereas original did not
2010-09-03 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-09-03 Guillaume CottenceauThread.critical does not exist in ruby 1.9 anymore
2010-09-03 Guillaume Cottenceauavoid "warning: Hash#index is deprecated; use Hash...
2010-08-28 Guillaume Cottenceauadd missing translations
2010-08-24 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-08-24 Guillaume Cottenceauremove non US-ASCII stuff in strings for ruby 1.9
2010-07-11 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate flowplayer from 3.1.5 to 3.2.2 0.9.3
2010-07-11 Guillaume Cottenceaufix "upload web-album" window name
2010-07-11 Guillaume Cottenceau0.9.3
2010-06-15 Guillaume Cottenceaugerman update from roland eckert
2010-05-26 Guillaume Cottenceau2010
2010-05-26 Guillaume Cottenceaumerge
2010-05-19 Guillaume Cottenceau*** empty log message ***
2010-04-23 Guillaume Cottenceaudisplay something when last shown is marked as a non...
2010-04-23 Guillaume Cottenceauallow "End" key when not yet loaded all
2010-04-23 Guillaume Cottenceaufix "End" key on not visible end items
2010-04-23 Guillaume Cottenceaushow counters for all categories