some more "deleted" fixes initially from Richard G. Roman
[booh] / lib / booh / html-merges.rb
2005-07-01 gcprevent from reloading a non existant page if a user...
2005-06-21 gcfix the bookmark problem thanks to the hash trick learn...
2005-05-28 gcdon't use filename if caption is empty
2005-05-19 gccorrectly handle newlines in captions
2005-05-07 gcadd generator to thumbnails page
2005-05-06 gccopy key shortcuts support in album from albumshaper
2005-05-05 gcallow to change the number of seconds of pause in the...
2005-04-27 gchandle a link to original image
2005-04-25 gcfix a small bug
2005-04-20 gcamaury feature: when returning from images to thumbnail...
2005-04-18 gcfix cookie
2005-04-18 gcremember preferred size of user with a cookie
2005-04-02 gcfix button sensibilities when there is only one image
2005-03-28 gcbooh-gui and distributable