document some workarounds for working with a recent ruby (2.3.p112 on
[booh] / data /
2013-12-18 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceaumake only one size selected by default
2013-11-02 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate to flowplayer 3.2.16
2013-07-08 Guillaume Cottenceaudrop support for 800x600 screens and add support for...
2012-05-19 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-03-12 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-03-12 Benoit DienPage speed: Include the CSS before any javascript to...
2012-03-12 Benoit DienPage speed: specify image size
2012-03-12 Benoit DienOptimize PNG files
2011-08-04 Benoit DienTweak shadows CSS More subtle shadows (Thanks Amaury...
2011-08-03 Benoit DienDim the shadow (Change transparency)
2011-08-03 Benoit DienAdd the image size to keep formatting even when the...
2011-08-03 Benoit DienRemember the image sizes in the javascript Rename the...
2011-07-17 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate to flowplayer 3.2.7
2011-02-08 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-02-08 Guillaume Cottenceausupport widescreen 1680x1050
2011-01-04 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-01-04 Guillaume Cottenceauproperly ; terminate some JS
2010-12-04 Guillaume, not
2010-12-04 Guillaume, not
2010-12-04 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate flowplayer to 3.2.5
2010-11-08 Benoît DienAdd a small padding on the index page
2010-11-08 Benoît DienSlightly decrease title text size Disabled buttons...
2010-11-08 Benoît DienWhen hovering on an image, lighten the shadow
2010-11-08 Benoît DienRecenter title text (Was broken with allthis button)
2010-11-04 Benoît DienAdd transition for CSS3 browsers and firefox 4
2010-11-04 Benoît DienAdd CSS transition on images (only for webkit for now)
2010-11-04 Benoît DienBring back the addthis button Underline the alternative...
2010-11-04 Benoît DienChange text aspect on image
2010-11-04 Benoît DienGroup shadows with CSS group
2010-11-04 Benoît DienChange CSS of video thumbnails and fullscreen
2010-11-04 Benoît DienAdd PNG for play on videos
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceaunavigation table inside <p> makes it appear little...
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceauhide new ~~navigationtable~~ when there is no navigation
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceauadd gradient theme from benny
2010-08-24 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-07-11 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate flowplayer from 3.1.5 to 3.2.2 0.9.3
2010-03-16 Guillaume Cottenceauproperly support embedded videos with "original" size...
2010-01-10 Guillaume Cottenceauflowplayer needs to be installed in data directory
2010-01-09 Guillaume Cottenceaubetter look now that <br/> is needed before thumbnail...
2010-01-06 Guillaume Cottenceauadd upload of web-albums with lftp
2010-01-01 Guillaume Cottenceaulet space key toggle video in fullscreen
2009-12-31 Guillaume Cottenceauadd flash video support with flowplayer
2009-09-09 Guillaume Cottenceautrick sharers (at least, facebook) into generating...
2009-09-07 Guillaume Cottenceauinclude the addthis bookmarking and sharing button
2008-12-31 Guillaume Cottenceauallow to extend an album
2008-12-26 Guillaume Cottenceauupdate
2008-08-11 Guillaume Cottenceausome slight man updates
2008-05-29 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-28 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-25 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-24 gcoops
2008-05-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-22 gcIE fixes
2008-05-22 gcdidn't work properly on IE and FF3
2008-05-20 gcallow to homegeinize the widths in rows
2008-05-20 gcnearly final coni theme
2008-05-20 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-05-19 gcprevent focus to stay on disabled buttons - then keyboa...
2008-05-17 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-04-28 gcbetter 4/3 <-> 3/2 description
2008-04-15 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-04-15 gcconi theme
2008-04-02 gcuse "photo" rather than "image" wording when it is...
2008-04-02 gctell about removal of stuff inside destination directory
2008-03-24 gcwith app icon
2008-03-23 gcallow to optionally transcode videos
2008-03-21 gcsync
2008-03-16 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-03-15 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-03-02 gcfix themes due to sharing js/css changes
2008-03-01 gcmulti languages, in backend only for the moment
2008-02-07 gcfix typo
2008-02-03 gcadd album2booh by fif
2008-02-02 gcjs/css sharing thanks to Jean-Michel Schelcher <jm_ml...
2007-10-16 gc*** empty log message ***
2007-08-17 gc*** empty log message ***
2007-08-11 gctalk about booh-classifier
2007-07-25 gcodie's idea: move currently selection thumbnail up...
2007-07-22 gcadd a selection materializer
2007-07-22 gcadd
2007-07-22 gcyear update
2007-06-04 gcwoops
2006-07-11 gc*** empty log message ***
2006-07-11 gc*** empty log message ***
2006-04-30 gcmove to
2006-04-24 gcthemes fixes
2006-04-13 gc*** empty log message ***
2006-03-12 gcadd ability to split thumbnails on several pages, sugge...
2006-02-04 gcas suggested by benny, we can choose the size automatic...
2006-02-04 gc*** empty log message ***
2006-02-04 gcno need to use an "image" class, this was the sole...
2006-01-30 gcadd gamma correction suggested by coni
2006-01-29 gcallow to edit images externally with gimp
2006-01-29 gcadd indexlink feature suggested by coni
2006-01-29 gcput a visual on the borders of videos - this time I...
2006-01-29 gcon a suggestion by pixel, display a hint that images...
2006-01-11 gccorrect "blinking" of background by fixing it thanks...