Tweak shadows CSS More subtle shadows (Thanks Amaury) Remove "-webkit-box-shadow...
[booh] / data / booh / themes / gradient / root / booh.css
2011-08-04 Benoit DienTweak shadows CSS More subtle shadows (Thanks Amaury...
2011-08-03 Benoit DienDim the shadow (Change transparency)
2010-11-08 Benoît DienAdd a small padding on the index page
2010-11-08 Benoît DienSlightly decrease title text size Disabled buttons...
2010-11-08 Benoît DienWhen hovering on an image, lighten the shadow
2010-11-08 Benoît DienRecenter title text (Was broken with allthis button)
2010-11-04 Benoît DienAdd transition for CSS3 browsers and firefox 4
2010-11-04 Benoît DienAdd CSS transition on images (only for webkit for now)
2010-11-04 Benoît DienBring back the addthis button Underline the alternative...
2010-11-04 Benoît DienChange text aspect on image
2010-11-04 Benoît DienGroup shadows with CSS group
2010-11-04 Benoît DienChange CSS of video thumbnails and fullscreen
2010-11-01 Guillaume Cottenceauadd gradient theme from benny