add "dark" theme, work on themes
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2005-06-12 gcadd key shortcuts and mouse gestures help
2005-05-28 gcadd "remove all captions" capability
2005-05-22 gcallow to change thumbnails and subalbums position in...
2005-05-16 gcadd fix whitebalance
2005-05-04 gcadd "merge" to booh-gui
2005-04-17 gcallow to generate the webalbum from the gui
2005-04-17 gcadd new, save and save_as features
2005-04-15 gcallow to specify frame offset for videos in the GUI
2005-04-11 gcadd image enhance support
2005-04-07 gcsupport changing subalbum image in context menu
2005-04-06 gcadd popup menu on elements. provide a way to flip and...
2005-04-01 gcadd the toolbar