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2005-03-20 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-03-20 gcuse current charset to create XML document in, not...
2005-03-20 gclimit length of default caption to not fuck up thumbnai...
2005-03-20 gcsensible default caption for images/videos
2005-03-20 gcsupport non ASCII and spaces in file and dirnames
2005-03-19 gcspecify an encoding by default for the xml config file
2005-03-19 gcfix cleanup of temp files for videos for directories...
2005-03-17 gcfix frame-offset for thumbnails of albums
2005-03-17 gcfix mencoder to transcode understanding of frame positi...
2005-03-17 gcallow options for thumbnails. first one is a frame...
2005-03-16 gcdon't force generating a config skeleton file
2005-03-16 gcmore information in verbose level 3
2005-03-16 gcdon't display "run slideshow" when there is 1 image...
2005-03-16 gcalways sort files and directories when in --config...
2005-03-16 gcadd navigation from subalbums to upper albums
2005-03-15 gcadd a proper "return to albums" link in thumbnails...
2005-03-15 gcadd width= and height= to img elements so that browser...
2005-03-15 gcindex.html generate: don't fail on empty directories
2005-03-15 gcdon't block on sucking transcode (but transcode process...
2005-03-15 gcuse fifth frame of videos to reduce the probability...
2005-03-15 gctypo fix of skeleton_imageS.html
2005-03-15 gcfix image location of index.html images
2005-03-15 gcutf8 fixes
2005-03-14 gcgenerate proper utf8
2005-03-14 gchandle index.html
2005-03-13 gchandle config in xml. support merging config.
2005-03-07 gcfix slideshow url according to different sizes
2005-03-06 gc- use mencoder when transcode is not strong enough
2005-03-06 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-03-06 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-03-06 gcmultiple sizes support
2005-03-06 gcfix ability to have ' and " in comments
2005-03-06 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-03-06 gcallow to keep order of images and videos mixed, and...
2005-03-05 gchandle videos
2005-03-05 gcadd a link in image view to return to thumbnails
2005-03-05 gcsupport thumbnails
2005-03-05 gci18n
2005-03-05 gchandle captions
2005-03-05 gcsupport selection of sizes for images
2005-03-05 gcspecifically close the output stream or else the conten...
2005-03-05 gcadd multiproc capability
2005-03-05 gcsupport files with spaces
2005-03-05 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-03-05 gcremove trailing / in directories if any
2005-03-05 gc- use exif to rotate portrait taken photos
2005-03-05 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-03-05 gcadd ~~title auto substitution with dirbasename
2005-03-05 gcfix profile of convert
2005-03-05 gcInitial revision