Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
[booh] / bin / webalbum2booh
2011-07-29 Guillaume Cottenceausupport mageia-style gettext package (rubygems)
2010-11-05 Guillaume Cottenceaufix f5171503e69e89d2693f0ba9c467697e54ce13ac: properly...
2010-09-06 Guillaume Cottenceaucouple more fixes for ruby 1.9
2009-09-04 Guillaume Cottenceaucommit build changes on binary files so as to ease...
2009-06-24 Guillaume Cottenceaudo not ask rexml to prettyprint the XML document
2008-03-01 gcinternalize rexml
2006-02-12 gclicensing
2005-12-26 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-05-16 gcadd fix whitebalance
2005-04-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-20 gcadd a script to convert webalbum files containing capti...