also rescue ENOENT when browsing directories in case user enters
[booh] / bin / booh-gui
2005-04-24 gcalso rescue ENOENT when browsing directories in case...
2005-04-24 gclast commit: add "number of images/videos down this...
2005-04-24 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-24 gcmake "abort" to abort immediately
2005-04-17 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-17 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-17 gcuse ~/.booh instead of ~/.booh-gui-files
2005-04-17 gcsync i18n
2005-04-17 gcallow to generate the webalbum from the gui
2005-04-17 gcallow to select the theme from the GUI
2005-04-17 gchave "enhance contrast" options configurable in preferences
2005-04-17 gcuse a gtkdialog for preferences, to have a more consist...
2005-04-17 gchandle preferences and put mproc in it
2005-04-17 gcmake undo and redo not sensitive in the beginning
2005-04-17 gcmake save and save_as not sensitive before we have...
2005-04-17 gcdont use underline for recently opened files
2005-04-17 gcadd new, save and save_as features
2005-04-16 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-16 gchave default size available everywhere
2005-04-16 gcuse alignment so that the frame around image of subalbu...
2005-04-16 gcadd help/about
2005-04-15 gcstart video thumbnails at frame 0
2005-04-15 gcallow to specify frame offset for videos in the GUI
2005-04-14 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-14 gcfactorize
2005-04-14 gcfactorize
2005-04-12 gcdont call Gtk.main_iteration not from the main thread...
2005-04-12 gcdisplay undo/redo actions in statusbar
2005-04-12 gchandle enhance in toolbar as well
2005-04-11 gcadd image enhance support
2005-04-11 gcadd undo and redo in menubar
2005-04-11 gc"none" button insensitive when one-click tool is selected
2005-04-11 gcundo/redo support
2005-04-11 gcundo/redo support
2005-04-09 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-09 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-07 gchave recent files available next to open toolbar item
2005-04-07 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-07 gcsupport changing subalbum image in context menu
2005-04-06 gcadd popup menu on elements. provide a way to flip and...
2005-04-06 gcthumbnails: don't grab focus on textview when a one...
2005-04-06 gcedit also sub album page
2005-04-02 gcgenerate fullscreen images if missing (after a rotation...
2005-04-02 gcdisplay size of videos in tooltip
2005-04-02 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-04-01 gcuse watch cursor when changing thumbnails page as rexml...
2005-04-01 gcremove use of __, sync fr
2005-04-01 gcadd the toolbar
2005-04-01 gcbetter rotations
2005-03-29 gcsupport rotation (typically, of portrait images that...
2005-03-28 gcfix utf8 for tooltips
2005-03-28 gchave theme in config file
2005-03-28 gcremove display of debug messages from gui by default
2005-03-28 gcuse Control-Del rather than Shift-Del to delete an...
2005-03-28 gcview videos with mplayer
2005-03-28 gcbooh-gui and distributable