add fix whitebalance
[booh] / bin / booh-backend
2005-05-16 gcadd fix whitebalance
2005-05-16 gc*** empty log message ***
2005-05-15 gcfix previous/next album
2005-05-13 gcadd a "previous album" and "next album" link for each...
2005-05-12 gcdon't capitalize "return to albums" and "return to...
2005-05-11 gcimprove speed by 7% by preprocessing the absolute xpath...
2005-05-11 gcfix width= and height= in <img> elements
2005-05-08 gccorrectly compare sizes as numbers
2005-05-08 gcallow to merge only new subalbums
2005-05-07 gcexpand paths, neuneus tend to give us relative paths
2005-05-07 gcrename booh to booh-backend