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[booh] / INSTALL
2008-02-03 gc*** empty log message ***
2008-02-03 gcadd album2booh by fif
2008-02-03 gcswitch to libexiv2, it can write EXIF data
2007-07-21 gcdrawing video borders in ruby is too slow, do it in...
2007-06-16 gcexif is faster and more reliable
2007-06-16 gcuse libexif for getting the EXIF orientation tag, it...
2005-09-27 gcadd icons
2005-09-18 gcsupport no identify and no transcode/mencoder
2005-08-02 gcimprove INSTALL doc
2005-05-16 gcadd fix whitebalance
2005-03-28 gcadd deps
2005-03-28 gcadd basic installation procedures