2021-07-29 Guillaume Cottenceauadd user suggestions master
2021-07-29 Guillaume Cottenceaunew release 1.8.1 (10) 1.8.1
2021-07-29 Guillaume Cottenceauclicking on test text also switches on/off test
2021-07-29 Guillaume CottenceauAPI/SDK updates
2019-07-13 Guillaume Cottenceauadd TYPE_VPN 1.8
2019-07-13 Guillaume Cottenceauuse broadcast receiver to immediately update network...
2019-07-13 Guillaume Cottenceauslight layout impr
2019-07-13 Guillaume Cottenceauslight layout impr
2019-07-13 Guillaume Cottenceauslight layout impr
2019-07-13 Guillaume Cottenceauslight layout impr
2019-07-13 Guillaume Cottenceaunetwork cleartext fix, layout xlarge potential fix
2019-07-12 Guillaume Cottenceaumigration to android studio
2017-11-22 Guillaume Cottenceauandroid 7 layout fix
2017-07-29 Guillaume Cottenceaunew version
2017-07-29 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-07-29 Guillaume Cottenceaunew version
2017-07-29 Guillaume Cottenceaufix old bug showing on latest apache on (forgo...
2017-03-31 Guillaume CottenceauMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-03-31 Guillaume Cottenceauvaria
2016-08-30 Guillaume Cottenceaufix realweb.txt no longer hosted at
2016-08-30 Guillaume Cottenceaufix realweb no longer hosted at googlecode
2015-07-08 gcottenc@gmail.comfix google code removing some downloads
2015-02-19 gcottenc@gmail.combla
2015-02-19 gcottenc@gmail.comnew version
2015-02-19 gcottenc@gmail.comadd back 10kb download
2015-02-12 gcottenc@gmail.comdialog dismiss must be done on destroy, not on pause
2015-02-12 gcottenc@gmail.comtarget SDK version 14 to get material design on android 5
2015-02-06 gcottenc@gmail.comreal new version 1.2
2015-02-06 gcottenc@gmail.comtarget android API 21
2015-02-06 gcottenc@gmail.comsome resource closing fixes
2015-02-06 gcottenc@gmail.comnew version 1.2
2015-02-06 gcottenc@gmail.comadd bluetooth and ethernet logo network
2015-02-06 gcottenc@gmail.comprovide xxhdpi and xxxhdpi icon as well
2013-10-22 gcottenc@gmail.comfix r36 in large layouts
2013-10-22 gcottenc@gmail.comtarget android-18
2013-03-07 gcottenc@gmail.comreplace download 10kB by download 10MB
2012-06-29 gcottenc@gmail.comjdk 1.7
2012-03-20 gcottenc@gmail.comrelease 1.1
2012-03-20 gcottenc@gmail.comdisplay more network information if wanted in menu
2012-03-20 gcottenc@gmail.comallow cutting word at a better position
2012-03-17 gcottenc@gmail.comadd german translation thanks coni
2012-02-17 gcottenc@gmail.comreduce apk size by providing reasonably sized images
2012-02-15 gcottenc@gmail.comimprove again layout on tablets
2012-02-15 gcottenc@gmail.comallow to have a not too bad layout on tablets, and...
2012-02-08 gcottenc@gmail.comrework main.xml layout so that less sizes are hardcoded...
2012-02-08 gcottenc@gmail.comvery slight cleanup
2012-01-30 gcottenc@gmail.comremove "feedback" in menu, dumb users keep on sending...
2012-01-30 gcottenc@gmail.commake it beautiful on android 4
2011-12-01 gcottenc@gmail.comeclipse update
2011-09-19 gcottenc@gmail.comdo not forget that file
2011-07-17 gcottenc@gmail.comuse my own logging
2011-04-08 gcottenc@gmail.comadd wimax image too
2011-03-31 gcottenc@gmail.comcatch runtime exceptions when trying to open mail composer
2011-03-30 gcottenc@gmail.comtry to support WIMAX network type thanks Michael Blackwood
2011-03-01 gcottenc@gmail.comcall HttpEntity.consumeContent, who knows
2011-02-10 gcottenc@gmail.comimprove network error message reporting
2011-02-02 gcottenc@gmail.commore graphics for market publishing
2011-02-02 gcottenc@gmail.commove market_icon.png to reduce .apk size
2011-02-01 gcottenc@gmail.comdo not forget to hide progressbar when interrupting...
2011-02-01 gcottenc@gmail.comalways show dedicated explanation regarding host resolu...
2011-01-28 gcottenc@gmail.comfix spelling
2011-01-27 gcottenc@gmail.comadd menu
2011-01-27 gcottenc@gmail.comadd french translation
2011-01-25 gcottenc@gmail.comadd icon
2011-01-25 gcottenc@gmail.comdisplay more information on host resolv, TCP connect...
2011-01-22 gcottenc@gmail.comdisplay an icon for illustrating network type
2011-01-22 gcottenc@gmail.comsave checked state of all testers when application...
2011-01-21 gcottenc@gmail.comadd an image to illustrate host resolv and tcp connecti...
2011-01-20 gcottenc@gmail.comcleanup some debugging stuff
2011-01-20 gcottenc@gmail.comfirst commit, somehow usable
2011-01-18 (no author)Initial directory structure.