2013-05-17 Guillaume Cottenceauslight variable name fix master
2013-05-10 Guillaume Cottenceaulittle more Mote utils
2013-05-10 Guillaume CottenceauElementalHttpServer: reset when client disconnects...
2013-05-10 Guillaume Cottenceaulet Space pause the game
2013-05-10 Guillaume Cottenceauslightly different starting scenario
2013-05-10 Guillaume Cottenceauejection based on mass change, not radius change
2013-05-09 Guillaume Cottenceauexternalize IA machinery so that StupidIa is clean origin/HEAD origin/master
2013-05-08 Guillaume Cottenceauslightly better handling of failing IA
2013-05-08 Guillaume Cottenceausimple IA machinery
2013-05-05 Guillaume Cottenceauslight initial parameters fix
2013-05-05 Guillaume Cottenceauslight color diff
2013-05-05 Guillaume Cottenceaudisplay you win / you lose
2013-05-04 Guillaume Cottenceaualso place small initial motes in corners
2013-05-04 Guillaume Cottenceaumouse zoom and pan
2013-05-04 Guillaume Cottenceauproperly eject anywhere
2013-05-02 Guillaume Cottenceaufix eating and speed changing
2013-04-28 Guillaume Cottenceaumove: add mote for ejected mass
2013-04-28 Guillaume Cottenceau"slower" movements
2013-04-28 Guillaume Cottenceaubasic speed change when eating based on momentum conser...
2013-04-28 Guillaume Cottenceaubasic eating
2013-04-28 Guillaume Cottenceaudo not get out of board
2013-04-27 Guillaume Cottenceauamino initial commit